The Meaning Of Photography

 The Meaning Of Photography

Meaning_Of_PhotographyIn my opinion, must return to the true meaning of the pictures ....
Some of the literature that I can shoot a better understanding of painting with light.
If your  is very different works because ultrasound only for a short Sono-graphy works by using ultrasonic waves generated by electromagnetic waves that crystal
Ultrasonic waves are sound waves beyond human hearing above
20 kHz, 000 Hz or 20 or 20 000 vibrations per second.
A crystal can be made of different kinds, one of which is crystalline. The crystal properties of this type allow fluctuations in the electrocardiogram.

Ultrasonic tool itself, there are many types of type A, B and C scans.
Regularly inspect cracks in the steel of type A.
The principle is simple. Ultrasonic sensors use ultrasonic waves to send and catch it. By the way, I made it to the time the thesis.C type, which can display a 3D-image by detecting the reflection of objects with different thickness of the liquid. Since there are different types of ultrasonic waves reflected in the different waves, the conversion processor to change the picture.

Ultrasound image of the sound captured in the concept of painting with light photography.

So maybe now the effect of ultrasound has not been included in the picture. In contrast, with a pinhole camera, scanner and still have a "drawing with light."That type C can display 3-D images by capturing the different reflections of thin thick objects in a liquid. Because there are different kinds of ultrasonic waves reflected in a different time, these waves are then translated by the processor to be converted into an image.

So Ultrasound displays images of the captured sound, while the notion of photography is painting with light.So maybe for now the results of ultrasound has not been included in the photographic work. In contrast to the scanner and pinhole cameras that are still "painting with light".


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