Tips - Photography Fireworks

Visualization of a spectacular fireworks in the sky is very interesting to do. Although he must somehow different compared to traditional methods, it is not too hard to do. One good thing about shooting fireworks in the background is always black. It also means that it does not make any impression on the film, so you can open the shutter as long as you want. In addition, you do not have to worry about history, because it's all black.
The shooting of fireworks in the compact camera Canon, you are so much easier. First, set the camera to manual exposure. Then, set the aperture diaphragm as possible. Third, set the shutter to bulb or "B". Then open the gate to the fireworks explode in color and close it after its completion.

Using a Tripod

Sometimes we want to capture the fireworks exploded in quick succession. Because it may take a few seconds before the camera, all you need is a tripod. That you can enjoy a tripod, remote shutter release is a series that lets you click the shutter without touching the camera. Before it was known as a string.

Shutter Speed and Aperture

The exhibition is based on a firework display of light from the fireworks that explode in nebe.Shutter and aperture a little more complicated because it involves technical stuff. To set the aperture to be aware of your ISO film. For example, if you have an ISO 100, aperture between F8 to F16.


Fireworks photography is a problem because you are going to formulate a picture you can see. There are three major impacts to be considered in the shooting of fireworks, you can use a wide shot with foreground, such as buildings or monuments. Another way to remove everything, and include the use of Photoshop before shooting a scene without pyrotechnics and fireworks to shoot, and then separately, using Photoshop, as they are in the position you want. It only takes a few steps, because the sky background is very easy to use. For a more interesting choice to open the gate for several minutes, and the fireworks explosion that created the format for the video you want.

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